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DARKMINSTER splash screen, September 2015


DARKMINSTER: The Game beta 1.0 is a first person platform game modified from the Half-Life:Gold Source engine.

Made in collaboration with DARKMINSTER, A truly dark horn trio (Brad Henkel - trumpet, Peter Hanson - tenor saxophone, & Nathaniel Morgan - alto saxophone). Cloaked together under a single shimmering purple cape, their ominous presence incites a deep fear.

Levels and themes were derived from the eleven musical compositions.

Download link: DARKMINSTER: The Game beta 1.0

DARKMINSTER Select Screenshots, September 2015
DARKMINSTER Select Screenshots, September 2015


O, May God have mercy on your mortal souls.

The Dark Lorde duped Buckminster. And out of the mire a malevolent force has

entered the hollowed corporal vessels that once belonged to that very same beloved

triad. From their haunted horns an ominous force emanates.

Buckminster, once a beacon of hope and order in this chaotic life, has been transformed

into DARKMINSTER, the hideous, caped, evil-doer =p more sinister than anything

upon which the world has ever laid eye.

Suddenly, utopia perishes, order unravels, causes no longer precede effects, and

sometimes up is down. Down, up. Uuuuuuup, down......... DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1